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At the hotel, we consider that it is essential to be committed to the environment, to respect the elements that surround us and to ensure their sustainability. Coming from a farming family of Champagne origin, in contact with the land and nature, we consider that it is essential today to share responsible, ethical and supportive values with our employees as well as with our clients, in order to envisage a more prosperous future.
Some of our actions include: 

- Two of our establishments (Hotel Istria & Hotel Coypel) offer rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility.
Hotel Baldi was granted an exemption due to lack of space.

- All our areas (rooms and common areas) are 100% non-smoking
- We research and develop ecological cleaning solutions to progressively abandon the use of chemicals, through the use of the dry steam at high temperatureor ozonated water. Incredible natural cleaner, the ozonated water disinfects and cleans in depth any type of surfaces, killing 99% of the bacteria without leaving nor using any chemical and polluting product.
- To control our energy impact, we have made a number of responsible choices: 
> Energy efficiency: double glazing in the rooms, reversible air conditioning system, central control that regulates our air conditioning system...
> on reducing our water consumption: showers rather than bathtubs in our renovations, use and washing of sheets and towels as desired...
> Waste management: elimination of individual soaps, kits available only on request, dematerialization of our procedures, implementation of selective sorting (yellow and green bins)... 
- For your well-being, we have chosen the "Rerum Natura" range of certified organic soaps with its pure essential oils. Guaranteed nickel-free, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free.
- We are proud to be partners of the association Les Hotels Solidaires 100% : this voluntary association collects uneaten breakfast pastries or any other material or consumable destined to be thrown away. Each product recovered is then redistributed to people in precarious situations. 
All our actions are accessible on our Charter for the Environment which you will find in PDF.
And you too, take action for the environment! 
- Limit your water and electricity consumption to avoid wasting them, 
- Recycle whenever you can, 
- Take public transport as much as possible! The network is developed in Paris. For this, we advise you to download the application City Mapper to facilitate your travels,
- You can also choose to pedal, thanks to the bikes available in Paris! Or even walk, we say it's the best way to discover Paris! 
Let us be the change we want to see in the world!
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Health security protocol

We are more involved than ever in a strict hygiene service, while maintaining our efforts in favour of the environment. Our sanitary procedures follow the governmental recommendations and all our employees are fully invested in the respect and application of the hygiene rules in force.