A beautiful family story

the group


"Magna Arbor" is above all the story of a family. Farmers in the Champagne region, it was in 2002 that Francis & Odile, married twenty years earlier, embarked on the hotel experience by taking over the Hotel Baldi in Paris. 

Joined by two of their three children, Gauthier and Charlotte, the group has expanded with the acquisition of the Istria Hotel (14th) and the Coypel Hotel (13th). They have nevertheless left the farmland, which Grégoire, the second of the siblings, is working to cultivate organically.

The identity of the hotel group "Magna Arbor" (inspired by the tree under which the family used to meet during the harvest) brings together the three hotels run by the family, namely Hotel Baldi, Hotel Istria and Hotel Coypel.

This approach anchors the values of these three Parisian establishments under one roof to broaden their impact and understanding for all.

Photo Les hotels min
Hôtel Baldi - 15e
Hôtel Istria - 14e
Hôtel Coypel - 13e

The values MAGNA ARBOR

In each of our establishments, we consider it essential to be committed to the environment and to people.

Coming from a farming family of Champagne origin, in contact with the land and nature, we wish to share responsible, ethical and supportive values, to our employees as well as to our customers, to envisage a more sustainable future. 
Our approach is therefore to do everything possible to :  

  • Promoting the values of sustainable development
  • Reduce our energy and water consumption, reduce our waste and our carbon impact
  • Limiting food waste
  • Commit to an eco-responsible purchasing and consumption policy 
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues among our contacts (suppliers, employees and customers)

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